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Hello and welcome to the Python Passion website.  We are pleased that you took the time to visit our site.  Feel free to browse around!  We have a lot of ball python information available on our site that we hope is useful to you.  Also, if you're looking to acquire a ball python as a pet or breeder, we hope you will visit our Available Animals page on MorphMarket.

Python Passion is located in Maryville, Tennessee, just south of Knoxville, and specializes in captive bred ball pythons.  Currently, we have 27 ball pythons and 1 Angolan python in our collection and photos of those animals are available on the "Our Collection" page.  We just recently added the female Angolan python to our collection, and she is currently growing to adult size.  One day we will add a male as well.

Python Passion believes in quality animals, not quantity.  Our breeder animals are carefully selected for their color and/or pattern; we are not looking for the cheapest breeders we can find, we look for the highest quality breeders we can find.  We are reptile hobbyists and we are not in this to make profit.  This is something we do because we love the animal and breeding them is an joy to us.  Any money we bring in goes back into caging, food, equipment, etc. for our collection.  We're are constantly striving to produce the highest quality animals!

We believe the key to healthy baby snakes is to begin with healthy adult snakes.  We do not house any of our adults in rack systems.  We believe that an animal should have a warm side and a cool side in order to properly regulate its body temperature; therefore, all of our adults are housed in large enclosures.  All of our adults are housed in stackables from Animal Plastics.  The stackables keep more consistent temperature and humidity than glass tanks, but are roomier than racks and allow for lighting cycles.  You will see pictures of a rack system on our site from time to time as we do use them to house babies right after hatching.  When babies hatch, there are so many to house all at once that a rack is our only option.

All baby snakes must establish a feeding pattern before we offer it for sale.  Only when the baby establishes a regular feeding pattern and shows all signs of being healthy will we label it a "for sale" animal.

We are small but always evolving here at Python Passion, and are very excited about some of the future projects we hope to work on.  We hope you will come back and visit us often to see how we are progressing.  If you ever have a question you would like for us to answer, please contact us!  We are always here to help in any way we can.

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2020 Potential Offspring

  • BELs 100% het Orange Ghost
  • Butter Bees  100% het Orange Ghost
  • Butter Ghosts
  • Pinstripe Ghosts
  • Honey Bees
  • HoneyButter Bees
  • HoneyButter Pins
  • HoneyButter Spinners
  • Spiders
  • Yellowbellies
  • Orange Dreams
  • Spider Orange Dreams
  • Yellowbelly Orange Dreams
  • Spider Yellowbelly Orange Dreams
  • Super Stripes
  • Super Stripe Orange Dreams
  • Spider Super Stripe Orange Dreams
  • Ivories
  • Specials
  • Pastels
  • Mystics
  • Pastel Mystics
  • Pastel Specials
  • Crystals
  • Pastel Crystals
  • Pinstripes
  • Sables
  • Sable Pinstripes
  • Sable Pinstripe Orange Ghosts

2020 Season Updates

2020 Clutch 1:

Pinstripe het Orange Ghost X Sable het Orange Ghost

  • 8 Eggs Laid 06/15/20

2020 Clutch 2:

HoneyButter Bee (Spider Butter Orange Ghost) Butter het Orange Ghost

  • Female is gravid; awaiting egg lay

2020 Clutch 3:

Honey Bee (Spider Orange Ghost) BEL (Super Butter/Lesser)

  • Suspect female is gravid

2020 Clutch 4:

Pastel Mystic X Special

  • Female ovulated 05/05/20

2020 Clutch 5:

HoneyBee (Spider Orange Ghost) X HoneyButter Pin (Pinstripe Butter Orange Ghost)

  • Female is building follicles

2020 Clutch 6:

Super Stripe (Yellowbelly Specter) X Spider Yellowbelly Orange Dream

  • Pair locked several times; awaiting further action

2020 Clutch 7:

Honey Bee (Spider Orange Ghost) X HoneyButter Pin (Pinstripe Butter Orange Ghost)

  • Pair locked several times; awaiting further action